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Margaret Islander promotes a sewing method based
on industrial shortcuts adapted for the home machine.

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Although many of the techniques are
based on factory methods,
Margaret is quick to point out that her aim

is to make sewing a joyful experience.
She believes 
"Sewing is an art form.
If you look at it as just practical,
you will miss the joy."

The Islander System emphasizes that the key to creativity is total awareness of materials and machines. The techniques are so deceptively simple that they become second nature. This means that you can quickly turn your ideas into reality without having to resort to complicated and cumbersome methods.

lines.gif (1121 bytes) Rather than a random collection of unrelated information, the following tapes and books form a carefully organized system of studying sewing construction:


Plus!! Islander Sewing Systems offers
Hands-on Workshops & Seminars! (19091 bytes)

"A terrific start for beginners -- a boon to professionals
and small businesses as well as to those re-entering the field."

lines.gif (1121 bytes) Industrial Shortcuts for Home Sewing (Video)

The two-part tape comprising Industrial Shortcuts is professionally produced and through an extensive use of close-ups reveals the exact relationship between the operator's hands, material and equipment. The techniques revealed on this tape are so simple that, believe it or not, they were all performed without the use of a single pin or basting thread!

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lines.gif (1121 bytes) Shirts, Etc. (Video)

Picture yourself turning out sharp, professional-looking shirts in half the time... with no pins or basting! Margaret Islander's Video, Shirts, Etc.!, reveals industrial sewing secrets and "desperation" techniques that give you top-quality shirts for men and women. And all of the techniques you'll learn will work just as well on other sewing projects. Again, no pins­no basting.

Shirts, Etc.! gives you step-by-step videotaped directions in the comfort of your own home! Clear close-ups show unique methods for pattern preparation, plaid cutting, facings, pockets, yokes, 2-piece collars and bands, sleeve setting, sleeve plackets and cuffs, bias front bands, pressing and much, much more. Based on over 30 years' experience, Shirts, Etc.! gives you 135 minutes of one-on-one instruction with Margaret Islander, a leading authority on "today's sewing".

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lines.gif (1121 bytes) A Galaxy Of Sewing Techniques (4 Videos)

Volume 1 through 4 of A Galaxy of Sewing Techniques will guide you through the following:

Volume 1
  • High cap sleeve setting (a snap)
  • Pattern preparation secrets
  • Perfect parallel pleats and tucks every time
  • "No gap" sculptured
  • necklines
  • Contoured shoulder pads
  • Beautiful lined pants, etc.

Volume 2
  • Fool proof method for a beautiful 2 pc bound buttonhole with a different twist.
  • Margaret's answer to "stitch in the ditch"
  • Non roll kimono and similar bands
  • No-bulk waistbands
  • Inset yokes
  • Specialty hems
  • Sharp pleat hemming, etc.
Volume 3
  • Simple mitering and double-mitered bindings for any angle or trajectory (no guesswork­perfect formula)
  • More bound buttonholes for lightweight crisp fabrics
  • Altering collars and necklines
  • Turning your adjusted or drafted pant pattern into perfectly fitted no-side seam pants, Etc.
Volume 4
  • Quick, easy, perfect corded loop buttonholes
  • Perfect trim insertion
  • Machine smocking (includes pattern adaptation)
  • New design capability with ethnic fullness control
  • Spun cording to spark new texture ideas
  • Turning a favorite skirt into culotte or divided skirt, etc.

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lines.gif (1121 bytes) Pants, Etc. (Video & Book)

Tired of trying to alter ready-made patterns to achieve a perfect pant fit? Lay aside commercial patterns - draft your own! You'll soon wonder why you ever tried to adapt someone else's pattern shape to yours. No special artistic or math skills necessary. Armed only with your personal measurements, a ruler, pen and paper, draft the only pant pattern that is really YOU!

Even the novice will soon be practicing on friends and family just for the fun of it. A great little business money maker too!

Video  -- Substantive -- beautifully detailed! Margaret takes you step by step from first measurement to "grand finale" (Comes packaged with book) 70 min. tape. Video not available separately.

Book -- Complete instructions plus some variations to try. Perfect follow-along companion to the video. (Book available separately)

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lines.gif (1121 bytes) Bleach & Dye with Janet Pray (video)

As last, Janet Pray's exciting 3 day fabric dying and bleaching seminar on home video. See how easy bleaching, color discharge and dying silks and cottons can be. Learn the techniques that Janet uses, the original and ancient methods that make her art and clothing designs exciting, sought after and absolutely breathtaking .

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Islander Sewing Systems Seminars & Hands-on Workshops

Whether a home sew-er or small sewing business owner, you will find these programs the most valuable 'jump-start' you can imaging to a greater joy and efficiency plus profitability. A week packed with learning, but also with wonderful memories.

lines.gif (1121 bytes) Pattern Drafting
May 4-10 or July 6-12, 1998
Grants Pass, Oregon

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