We are Doug & Barbara Keeling and we have spent 15 years promoting & selling the Electric Easy Punch Embroidery Machine. For over a year Barbara also demonstrated it on ALEENES' CREATIVE LIVING TV SHOW and Doug did fabulous designs for the show. We've shown beautiful quilts, vests, sweat and T-shirts, cute kid’s stuff, wearables, pillows, wall hangings, logos, doll house rugs and accessories, and much more -- all done with the Easy Punch Embroidery Machine!

What It Is and What It Does

EASY PUNCH is a trade name for a battery/electric automatic Punch Embroidery Machine invented in 1981. It is the only hand held automatic electric punch embroidery machine made. It has a full year guarantee. Over one million of these American Made machines have been sold.

The EASY PUNCH has made the lovely old craft of punch embroidery faster and easier. It only takes a few minutes to master this fun machine because there is only one easy stitch to learn. It is battery operated which makes it portable and with the special adapter it is ELECTRIC.


Beautiful Flag stitched with the Easy Punch Embroidery Machine using metallic threads. See order form. For the Flag pattern send a large SASE and $2.00.




Automatic Electric Easy Punch

Using it is a ball; projects done quickly with no "project burnout". It runs on two AA batteries & has an electric adapter that blasts more than 500 stitches a minute into the fabric creating the plush loops. Stitching is done from the back side with the loops stitched through the fabric leaving the texture on the front. Stitches can be trimmed, brushed, two threads worked together to create different textures.

EasyPunch Machine The basic supplies you need to do EASY PUNCH EMBROIDERY can be found in fabric and craft stores. Regular sewing threads can be used : cotton, metallic, rayon, embroidery floss, cotton polyester, serger threads or any threads that will flow freely through the needles. Regular embroidery iron-on transfer patterns are one of the easiest sources for designs and patterns.

EASY PUNCH EMBROIDERY can be done directly on any tightly woven fabric or done separately and used as an applique. The uses are limitless. Decorate jeans, sweats shirts, T-shirts, clothing, pillowcases, pictures, Christmas ornaments, decorator pillows, quilts, do logos and much, much more. The finished embroidery is machine washable and dryable and very durable.

.We Now Carry .





Making cloth dolls will never be more fun than you will have using these wonderful patterns. They are distinctive approaches to creative sewing that will give you a treasured finished piece that will be unusual & unique. You will learn new & exciting techniques.

We design most of our doll patterns. They are fun, silly, pretty, delightful and unique. We carry great doll making supplies and have designed some unusual uses for the products. The 3 D crystal can be used to make long doll fingernails, unusual Fairy Wings, shine on a doll lips & eyes, water in a pond and much more. The knitting loom can make wonderful doll hair. Have great fibers for embellishment. Our Focus On Faces Book will teach you how to make perfect doll faces every time. The rubber stamp faces are great too. We teach cloth doll making classes as well. Be sure to check out all the great pages on our sites. You will enjoy the visit & do come back often.

Doug & Barb Keeling

Please Visit Our Website for Information on all our products & on line secure order form.

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