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Betty Kiser and The Path Less Traveled explore methods of curved-piecing and specialize in variations of the Drunkard's Path. Betty is the author of three books; The Path Less Traveled , The Path Beyond and The Path Over and Around. She carries a line of Quilting Patterns, several of which she has designed herself, and special Easy Curve Templates that use the rotary cutter. Betty teaches classes and lectures around the country. Information is available on request regarding workshops.

Check out her tips for Changing a Traditional Quilting Pattern in the Get Creative! Conference Center.

Books by Betty Kiser -- $20.00 each

The Path Less Traveled 
Variations on the Drunkard's Path

Start with instructions for making traditional and contemporary quilts. Follow the lessons learned to avoid the detours the author took. Finish with 75 indexed variations for inspiration and innovation. 64 pp, 40 color photos.

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The Path Beyond
Exploring the Drunkard's Path

Draw inspiration from antique quilts, contemporary fabrics and original designs. Learn multiple uses for the Easy Curve templates. Enjoy patterns for seven quilts including Hearts All Around and Windflower. 64pp, 40 color photos.

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The Path Over and Around
Quilting Designs and Borders Using the Drunkard's Path

Create a unique border using one of several Drunkard's Path variations.  Finish with quilting designed to enhance and complement the project.  Be challenged by a Four Quarter Quilt or intrigued by a Scrapit.  64pp, 40color photos

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Quilting Patterns -- $7.00 each

TP 101
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The Snake's Trail works well in scraps or stripes.

TP 102
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The Mill Wheel variation done in 2"or 3" versions.

TP 103 
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Join Snowball & Ghost Walk for this dynamic version.

SC 106
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The appliquéd tulip is  framed by the Drunkard's Path.

QH 1
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 LITTLE BOYS LOVE TURTLES Boys of all ages will enjoy this quilt.

QH 2
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These fish will cause you to smile.

OC 1
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An adaptation of the Love Ring, perfect for romantic gifts.

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Wonderful in Japanese fabrics, reproductions or scraps.

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A nice pairing of the 
Drunkard's Path and 

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A stylish go anywhere jacket with a front panel of curves

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Spinning Wheels
A new spin on the Barn Door design

Easy Curve Templates
for use with the rotary cutter.

MEC 2" -- blue, makes a 2" patch -- $12.00

AO -- yellow, joins with the EC 4 or MEC 2" to extend patch sizes to 3" -- $11.00

EC 4" -- red/ pink, makes a 4" patch -- $13.00

AO 11 -- green, joins with the EC 4" or LEC 6" to extend patch sizes to 5" -- $11.00

LEC 6" -- orange/ purple, makes 6" patch -- $14.00

COMPLETE COLLECTION --2" thru 4" sets $33.00

ENTIRE COLLECTION -- 2" thru 6" sets $55.00


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