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Country Nativity Set

Designed by Karen Booy
Ewe & Me Pattern Company



Engage the whole family in making this wonderful 12-piece nativity set to portray the Christmas story. From Baby Jesus to the tiniest lamb in the arms of a shepherd, painted wood shapes come alive in recreating the first Christmas. One pattern clothes the lowly shepherds in their flannel headpieces, while the three kings have crowns trimmed with satin cord and jewels. Children will especially enjoy these hands-on characters portraying the timeless scene.



        Wood Materials Needed:

  • six 3-1/2" wood doll bodies

  • one 2-3/8" wood doll bodies

  • four 3/8" x 1/2" wood spools

  • four 5/8" x 3/4" wood spools

  • six 1/2" x1/2" wood spools

  • one 1/4" furniture buttons

  • one 3/8" furniture buttons

  • one 1-5/8" x 1-1/8" egg

  • two 3/4" round wood head plugs

  • one 1/2" wood flat head plug

  • one 1/2" flower pot

  • one 9/16" bead

  • one 3/4" star

  • two 1-1/4" hearts

  • one jumbo craft stick

Acrylic Paints:

  • Flesh tone

  • Black

  • White

  • Mustard

  • Antique gold

  • Avocado

  • Vintage

  • Wine

  • Opaque red

  • Bambi brown

  • Brown antiquing gel stain

  • Gold spray paint

  • Matte acrylic spray

Misc. Painting Supplies:

Brown antiquing gel stain
Gold spray paint
No.4 and 1/2" flat paintbrushes
Fine line black permanent marking pen


Acrylic Stones Assorted Colors:

  • Six 7mm round

  • Three 3mm round 

  • Three 15 mm stars 


  • 4 x 8 inches white sherpa 

  • 1/8 yd. stripe or plaid flannel

  • 1/8 yd. six coordinating fabrics

  • 3' square beige woven fabric

  • 5" square creamy white shaggy plush felt

  • 2" square ivory felt

  • 2"square black felt

  • small amount polyester fiberfill


Miscellaneous items: 

  • Blonde mini-curl doll hair

  • 6" of 1/2" artificial pine garland

  • 1/4" twisted satin cord in 3 colors
     to match contrast fabrics 6" each

  • 1/2 yd. fine gold elastic cord

  • Gray chenille stem

  • 6mm jingle bell

  • 18 gauge black wire

  • 20 gauge gold wire

  • 6" jute cord

  • small amount natural excelsior 



  • tracing paper

  •  pencil

  • ruler

  • scissors

  • sewing needle

  • matching threads

  • cotton swab

  • powder blush

  • hot glue gun

  • wire-cutters

  • needle-nose pliers

  • iron


1.      Paint each wood doll body head and the wood bead flesh. Let dry between coats, colors and steps. Refer to the photo and use the paintbrush handle to paint two black dots close together for eyes. Use a cotton swab to apply pink blush for cheeks.

      Paint the 3 ½-inch bodies as follows: 
Mary - red
Joseph - black
Three Wisemen - wine, mustard and avocado
Shepherd - antique gold
2 3/8" shepherd - antique gold.

 Spray each doll body/head with matte spray.

  For Mary, glue hair on her head.

2.      To make each headpiece for the 3 ½-inch dolls, cut a 5-inch square of flannel fabric. Note: Use same fabrics for Mary and Joseph. Fold 1 inch along one edge, wrong sides together, and press. Fold ½ inch back onto itself and press. Center and glue folded edge of the headpiece to center of forehead. See the Step 2 illustrations to fold and glue the back of the head piece.

2a  Finger press crease back of head-piece to each bottom point.  Fold sides toward back.

2b Bring points to about the center back. Spot glue at neck.  

Cut a 4-inch square of fabric and repeat to make the headpiece for the 2 3/8" shepherd.

3.      To make each headband, cut a 1 ¼ x 6-inch flannel strip to match or contrast with the headpiece. Fold lengthwise in thirds and glue it around the head, crossing at center back.

4.      For the arms, cut a 1 ½ x 4 ½-inch strip from the same flannel as the headpiece. Fold lengthwise in thirds and glue ends to upper back of body with arms in front.

For Joseph, tie and glue a small jute bow under his chin.

5.      For each Wiseman, glue a matching or contrasting satin cord around the fabric headband with ends meeting where the headband crosses. Glue a contrasting 7mm acrylic stone to the center back and front of the headband and a matching star below the neck. Tie a small gold elastic cord bow and glue under the chin.

6.      For the Wisemen’s gifts, use gold to spray paint the flowerpot, ¾ inch round head plug and ½ x ½ -inch spool. Paint the flat plug black. Glue the plug into the pot. Glue a 3mm round acrylic stone to the center top of each gift in each Wiseman’s arms.

7.      For the animals, trace the patterns from the pattern section and cut from indicated fabrics.

8.      For the camel, paint the four 5/8 x ¾-inch spools and the wood egg beige and the star antique gold. Refer to the photo and use the black marking pen to draw the face on the narrow end of the egg. Use a cotton swab to apply pink blush for the cheeks.

Use double thread to sew a gathering stitch around outer edge of body. Gather to form a ball and stuff with fiberfill. Knot threads; trim ends. Glue the spool legs abutting each other to gathered bottom of center of body. Draw a black vertical line at center bottom of front spools to denote feet.

Cut and glue a piece of plush felt to cover the ½ x ½-inch spool for the neck. Glue the neck to top of the body and the head to the neck. Apply blush to inner ears, then glue ears to top sides of head. Glue the headpiece onto the forehead and down center of back.

Glue the pine garland around neck and wood star on one side.

9.      For the sheep, paint the following black: four ½ x ½-inch and four 3/8 x ½-inch spools for feet; ¼-inch and 3/8-inch buttons and ¾-inch round head plug for heads.

Follow Step 8 to make the bodies and glue heads to corresponding bodies. Glue 5/8 x ¾-inch spool feet to the ram and 3/8 x ½-inch spool feet to the ewe. Note: The lamb has no feet. Dot eyes with white paint, then apply blush to cheeks.

Glue felt ears on ewe and lamb. For the ram’s ears, cut a 4-inch length of gray chenille stem; bend each end in a spiral. Glue center of stem to back of head with curled horns at sides of head. Cut a circle of fleece and glue on top of head.

Glue the lamb in the large shepherd’s arms. Glue bell to ewe’s neck.

10.  For the shepherds’ staffs, cut one 4 and 5-inch lengths of black wire. Bend one end of wire around a glue stick. Bend the tip upward; place in shepherd’s arm.

11. For Baby Jesus, bend gold wire to form a ½-inch halo; twist ends. Insert and glue ends into hole in top of wood bead head. Wrap and glue a 3-inch square of woven beige fabric around bottom of head for swaddling clothes. Glue Baby in Mary’s arms.

12. For the manger, from the jumbo craft stick, cut two 1 ½-inch lengths. Cut one piece of half lengthwise. See the Step 12 illustration to glue sides to the bottom.

    Glue a narrow length at a 45°  angle to each side of the wide bottom piece

    Glue an upside down heart on each end. Apply brown stain to entire manger; let dry. Place a small amount of excelsior in the manger.


Printed with the permission of Crafts Magazine, Crafts Country Christmas. Copyright 1999 by PRIMEDIA Special Interest Publications

For more Christmas Design Kits visit our shopping cart on our Website at: www.karenbooy.com 



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