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Creators of the Fasturn® Holder 
and the
 Bet-A-Guide Rotary Cutting Ruler

Shirley's Sewing Stuff carries the entire catalogue of Fasturn® Products: of course the revolutionary Fasturn® tube turning tools, the Fasturn® Holder,  and Fasturn® wearable art and craft patternsBet-A-Guide Rulers; seam rippers, Sulky Stabilizers and Puffy Foam products and MUCH MORE!!

Plus, Shirley's Sewing Stuff carries Steam-A-Seam 2®.
Make your own fusible bias tubing for Stained Glass Projects for just pennies!

Try the Amazing Tube Scarf pattern -- it ties itself!

The New  Bet-A-Guide -- is a rotary cutter ruler with a finger protector to prevent slips with your cutting blade. 

Contact us for a complete mail order catalogue at

ASG (American Sewing Guild) members get a 10% discount!!


Here's a selection of some of our best-selling items!!

Fasturn® Holders

holder.jpg (14949 bytes)

Keep your Fasturn® set organized and at your finger tips!! Attractive wall-mounted Wood or Acrylic holder for hanging your Fasturn® sets. The 9 hole holds the 6 piece Fasturn® set plus the 3 piece Miniturn set. The 12 hole also holds the 3 piece Blue Tubes set. 

Fasturn Holders are also great for holding scissors etc. 

Available in Acrylic or Light or Dark wood. Please specify.

FTH-9  -- 9-hole Light/Dark Wood -- $9.99holder2.jpg (6622 bytes)

FTH-9A -- 9-hole Acrylic -- $9.99

FTH-12 -- 12-hole Light/Dark Wood -- $12.99

FTH-12A -- 12-hole Acrylic -- $12.99

Fasturn® Sets

fasturnset.jpg (24559 bytes)The Fasturn® is a hollow brass cylinder with a specially designed wire hook that makes turning fabric tubes fun! Magically fill fabric tubes with cord, batting or wire at the same time they are turned. Fabric tubes are easily sewn into quilts, vests, dolls, accessories, crafts, embellishments, and fabric weaving. Set includes six cylinders ranging in size from 1/8" to 3/4" in diameter, with three different sized wire hooks.

F1 -- $29.95

miniturn.jpg (8512 bytes)Miniturn Set

Designed to make miniature projects much easier. Also helpful for button loops, frogs, and small jewelry projects. Set of 3, only 6" long,   1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" in diameter with two wire hooks. Great for making stained glass tubes.

MI-12 $17.50

bluetubes.jpg (20464 bytes)Blue Tubes

For turning larger, longer and bulkier fabric tubes. Use with our new "Decorating Projects" and "Easy Quilts" pattern booklets. 

Set of 3 blue tubes, 12" long in 3 diameter sizes: 1", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2".  Includes 14" wire hook.

B-12 -- $15.95

Set of  3 Blue Tubes, 18" long in 3 diameter sizes: 1", 1/14", and 1 1/2". Includes 20" wire hook.
B-18 -- $17.95


Seam Ripperseamripper.jpg (5992 bytes)

This Seam Ripper can be used for taking out serger stitches by running the curve of the blade under the serger stitches.  Use it for straight ripping by turning the blade over and using your machine presser foot as your third hand, use the tip or curve of the blade to "reverse stitch"

SR1 -- $3.95

Steam-A-Seam 2®


steam2a.jpg (7833 bytes)The Fasturn® tool can be used to make your own bias tubing for stained glass projects. By making your own bias tube you can make it any color you wish. Use batiste fabric, wash it first, make your tube and then apply 1/4" Steam-A-Seam 2® to the back side. You can position the tube exactly where you want it and steam it for a permanent bond. If you prefer to sew it down use either a twin needle or a single needle to sew the tube. The Steam-A-Seam 2® does not gum up your needle. You can make your own bias tubing for pennies instead of dollars!!

Why top designers choose Steam-A-Seam 2®:

  • Temporary hold permits complete project assembly before bonding

  • Iron only once for a permanent bond

  • Edges stay down without painting or sewing or sew through without gumming needle

  • Machine washable and dry cleanable

1/4" x 40 yds -- $4.20
1/2" x 20 yds
-- $4.20
12" x 36"
-- $4.50

The Amazing Tube Scarf Pattern

scarves.jpg (18482 bytes)

This one piece scarf can be made in several lengths of any kind of fabric using the Fasturn® tool. Get the look of a perfectly tied scarf everytime with no knots!

One size fits all!

Pattern -- $4.50

The Bet-A-Guide

ruler2.jpg (9800 bytes)

The Bet-A-Guide is to be used with a rotary cutter.  This is a  finger protector as well as helping you make more accurate cuts.  Place your hand behind the guide and see how much straighter your cuts are.

Available in 12" or 24".

BT-12-- $14.99
BT-14-- $19.99
BT-1 Set -- $30.00 



Hope is a very simple stained glass wall hanging. It was  made simple so that after  making it,  you can "Hope" to make something more difficult. 

"Hope" is also depicted by the symbols on the wall hanging.


H-1-- $5.00

Shirley's Sewing Stuff Order Form

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Check or Money Orders:
Shirley's Sewing Stuff -- 11426 U.S. 231 So., Dale, IN 47523

  Fasturn® Holders  -- 9-hole Light/Dark Wood -- FTH-9 $9.99 USF   
  Fasturn® Holders -- 9-hole Acrylic -- FTH-9A $9.99 USF   
  Fasturn® Holders -- 12-hole Light/Dark Wood -- FTH-12 $12.99 USF   
  Fasturn® Holders -- 12-hole Acrylic -- FTH-12A $12.99 USF   
Fasturn® Set -- F-1 $29.95 USF  
Miniturn Set -- MI-12 $17.50 USF  
Blue Tubes -- B-12 $15.95 USF  
Blue Tubes -- B-18 $17.95 USF  
Seam Ripper -- SR1 $3.95 USF  
  Steam-A-Seam2® -- 1/4" x 40 yds

$4.20  USF 

Steam-A-Seam2® -- 1/2" x 40 yds $4.20 USF
Steam-A-Seam2® -- 12" x 36" $4.50 USF
Amazing Tube Scarf Pattern $4.50 USF
Bet-A Guide -- BT12 $14.99 USF
Bet-A-Guide -- BT14 $19.99 USF
Bet-A-Guide -- BT1 Set $30.00 USF
Hope -- H1 $5.00 USF


ASG (American Sewing Guild) members get a 10% discount!!

Shipping & Handling US Canada ( US Funds)
If ordering patterns only $1.00 each $1.25 each
Total up to $15.00 $3.00 $4.00
$15.01 to $30.00 $4.00 $5.50
$30.01 to $50.00 $5.50 $7.50
Total over $50.00 $7.50 $9.50

For  Canada only:  Add $2.00 extra for air.
All Other Foreign Orders:  Credit card orders only. Exact shipping charge is added to order, charged on date shipped.


  Sales Tax
Indiana State Residents add 5%


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