Victorian Pleasures

Betty Caskey
Join popular fiber artist Betty Caskey, owner of Elf Design Studios in Olds, Alberta, as she introduces you to three videos each 60 minutes to 80 minutes long about silk ribbon embroidery & crazy quilting.

Quilters Resource says:
"Betty's are still the best tapes on the market for learning."

Betty’s catalogue includes over 125 books, silk ribbon, books, videos,
crazy fabrics, Silk Ribbon Kits, Crazy Quilt Kits
and other wonderful items for embellishment.

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Victorian Pleasures
#1, 4610 45th St., Olds, Alberta Canada T4H 1A1

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Victorian Pleasures Videos

Introduction to Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Victorian needlecraft
Betty introduces you to this beautiful revived Victorian needlecraft. You'll see how to create several basic stitches, enough to start you on the way to completing lovely silk ribbon to add special touches that personalize your to make your stitched project "sing" with simple color selection. Learn dozens of tips, tricks,secrets and short-cuts. It's like having Betty teaching you one-on-one, in the comfort of your home!

Features: Complete instructions on how to do: The Spider Web Rose, The Colonial and French Knots, The Whipped Stitch, The Curved Whip Stitch, The Leaf Stitch, Variations of the Leaf Stitch, The Lazy Daisy Stitch, Stitching with silk threads, Adding embellishments and Finishing techniques. Order Info

Into The Garden, More Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Into the GardenIn her newest video "Into the Garden" Betty shows you more silk ribbon flowers. creating a luxurious picture designed with a spring bulb flowers and hanging blossoms. Color, design and finishing touches make this framed stitchery a must in your entrance as you greet visitors on sunny Sunday afternoons.

Features: Review of materials, Complete instructions on how to do: Irises, Daffodils, Crocus, Snowdrops, Two Fuchsias, Alberta Rose. Greenery, Added bonus! Pattern included on reverse of the label!
Order Info

Heart of My Heart, Crazy Quilting

Heart of My Heart, Crazy Quilting

In this adventurous new video you will be introduced to the revived art of crazy quilting. Watch as Betty demonstrates how to chose fabrics and colors, how to sew the foundation work and embellish your crazy quilt with special mementos, collectibles and antique treasures. You won't believe how something so luxurious and beautiful can be made so easily!
Features: Review of fabrics, antique finds, lace and "goodies", Sewing the patchwork, Problems you might encounter...and how to fix them, Crazy quilt stitches, Concertina Rose, Beading and embellishments, Silk ribbon stitches, Collage information, Finishing the project.

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