Wizard Attachments

Difficult Applications are now EASY with Elastic Wizard 
and Ribbon Wizard.

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Quilting has never been easier! 

The 1/4" extended guide is great for all quilters, beginning to advanced.

You can now butt your fabric up to the guide and see exactly where your seam will be sewn. With the Stitch-in-the-Ditch / Sewing-on-the-Line attachment, you will be able to guide your ditch or line into the needle with ease.

All Wizard Attachment kits include the Wizard Snap-On Foot, the Guides, an illustrated instruction book and a storage box. Click here to see more . . .

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Sewing is MAGIC with  Wizard Attachments!

Frustration from stretching and sewing elastic is a thing of the past with the No Hands Elastic Wizard Now you can sew up to six layers of ribbons and trims at once with the No Hands Ribbon Wizard

The No Hands! Elastic Wizard automatically stretches and guides elastic for perfectly even gathering using no hands. Elastic Wizard

Whether you're a new sewer or an experienced one, you'll find Elastic Wizard simple to use.

Just snap the foot onto the machine shank!

Then place the elastic in the appropriate size guide and slip the guide onto the toe of the foot. Center the elastic under the foot.

Controlling the amount of gathering is easy with the adjustable tension screw.

You can apply other trims such as ribbon, lace and ric-rac by loosening the tension screw.

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Apply ALL KINDS of flat trims with the Ribbon Wizard.

It's Easy to use! Place the appropriate guide onto the toe of theNo hands Ribbon Wizard Wizard foot.

Then thread the trims into the slots of the guides from the top.

Snap the foot onto the shank of the sewing machine. Set the machine for desired stitch and stitch through all layers.

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on the Ribbon Wizard

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Wizard Attachments' latest sewing tool is
coming to stores near you this November!

Coming Soon! The Quilt Wizard is just as unique as the Elastic Wizard and the Ribbon Wizard. It features a stitch-in-the-ditch attachment, along with an extended 1/4" guide to make quilting easier and more fun.

For more information contact:

Wizard Attachment Co., Inc.
12999 South Parker Road #121
Parker, Colorado 80134
Toll Free 1-866-9-WIZARD 
Fax 1-720-842-0237 

E-Mail: sew@wizardattachments.com
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